Tanya G: Reflection – Lessons learnt

Stepping into a design class for me is like stepping into a foreign country. It’s a whole new world, new things to discover and explore. Not every experience will be a good one, but things that i might do wrong in the future would be lessons learnt.

Reading advices from the previous class is like reading the travel guide. It prepares me but yet warns me about the unforeseen things (though i am quite excited). Here are the things that speaks to me personally while reading from ‘Lessons learnt – Publication Design class 2016.

1.) Print out very often – i never thought about printing my work out till probably the final version. But this makes me realize that i should probably do it to check how it comes out printed, color wise, size, readability, grammar and spelling.

2.) Content is not just text – I totally agree with this advice, that a lot of the time when i pick up a magazine or a book, i often get first attracted by the photo on the cover, or the cover design ( I know, not to judge the book by its cover, but its cover have to speak to me to get me pick it up in the first place). Moreover, the images needs to have good representation of the content to help complement each other and create a maximum storytelling effect.

3.) Design is everywhere – Since i registered to this class, i find myself drawn to picking up more books and magazines, looking through its design and see what i like. But its not just from publications, sometimes from buildings and nature, in regarding to color, space, texture and composition.

4.) Sketch first, design later – I’m definitely not good at drawing, so sometimes i like to just try things out right away on the program, which lead to multiple edits and redesigning. I will definitely do more sketches for this class.

Tanya Monthakarntivong