Reflection on Final Thoughts

One final thoughts blog post that really stuck out to me was about not being married to your design and realizing the importance of simplicity.

This stuck out to me because when it comes to designing, letting go of something I really love to make the design work has always been a struggle. And what do I do to try and make it work? Add things.

I think, “Well, now that looks really washed out… let’s add a drop shadow.
And if that doesn’t work – “I’ll add a border.
Nope, doesn’t work. “Ahhh, I’ll enlarge it and change the color.

And that just goes on and on until I end up with this beast of a design that doesn’t resemble what I was going for in the least. The solution wasn’t to ADD to the design to make one element work – it was to remove the element that wasn’t working.

So I think the advice to try not to be married to your work and making simplicity a priority is going to be the best, but hardest advice for me to follow this semester!

Noelle Devoe

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  1. I know this is a tough lesson, but as you rightly noted, it is important to detach ourselves a bit and let go of an idea that’s just not working — and to let go of elements that only serve to clutter the message. …

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