Reflection on Final Thoughts

One very important thing to remember about news design is that text is not the story. We discussed this in class, and text is the written story and just a part of the whole story. The whole story includes the text, lines, shapes, photos, multimedia pieces and other elements that help tell the reader understand the story. It’s important to note this because all the parts of the story must work together to help the reader move through the story with ease, without frustration and, hopefully, with appreciation for the work put into the package. Coming from a writing background as a “words person” as magazine, newspaper and online journalism majors are known, this is something I never really thought about before. In writing classes, when we refer to a story, we are most often discussing the text of the story. This new terminology is something that will take some time getting used to for this class, but makes complete sense.


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  1. So glad to have been able to clarify that distinction. While words are undeniably adept at telling a story and have long been considered by many to hold a unique position, it is important to remember that images and sound are critical components of storytelling as well.

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