My decision to take News Design stemmed from the desire to broaden my skills and experience, especially because of what little I have on the graphics side of things. I came in thinking that I’d have one more thing to add to my list, but I didn’t expect to learn how interconnected design is with everything I already have on my plate.

I hadn’t really thought of designers as journalists. They had always seemed to belong to a separate field to me, foreigners of the newsroom who spoke a different language. I had never considered how dependent of a relationship writers and designers have in terms of providing content and relaying the message. I guess I considered myself a dinosaur in a sense: how could a person be both things? In retrospect, it seems so clear and logical, but the first class definitely opened my eyes to the bigger picture of journalism and the possibilities before me.

How the news is packaged is just as important as what the news is. Prior to class, I always considered news delivery to be solely about content: what your story is and who’s in it, you need the right angle to pack the right punch, the right amount of words, etc. Apart from knowledge about the different forms, i.e. infographics, photojournalism, I hadn’t given much thought to the ways in which the content is provided.

No one’s going to bother to read your writing if it isn’t delivered properly. What your message means is strengthened by how you convey it. I’ve always known what mine is, hopefully this class will show me how to say it.