Rukayat O: Lessons learnt

I think this is a great exercise for students. Every single piece of advice was valid in my opinion.  The four tips I have chosen are things I feel in need to work on this semester.

1. Look at professional publications for inspiration. – This is a practice I learned in my Magazine Editing class and I think it is especially important in this class. I have learned to look at publications but adapting their design skills is something I need to grow.

2. Don’t settle on the first thing that works. – I think this a great practice.  Rome wasn’t built in a day so my designs shouldn’t no matter how tedious it gets.

3. You can do it.- These four words are words every student need so I thank this form student for the motivation.

4. Always ask for opinions – This probably my worst habit. I ask way too many questions when it comes to my work instead of trusting myself but I think it is necessary because others see what I can’t.