Showing Rather Than Telling

People are visual creatures.

Our eyes like contrast and drama. That’s why the news has pun headlines and condensed leads. And good design brings people to go beyond the texts, endowing the audience with the rights to understand tacitly and to feel smart. That’s the power of news design, showing rather than telling.

And I can’t agree more about the fact that the good design is intentional. A good designer arranges all the design factors elaborately, which is based on the surveyed insights of what’ the common sense for the given set of readers. Good design is not just about the placement of words and images, but more about expanding the expression of words to the abstract and implicit idea exchanging that generates connection. And design is significant to that connection.

For me, the charm of news design is its openness. The variables of design are styles that closely related to trends; and the invariables of design are the continuous humanistic concern to the needs of the target audience. That’s branding. That’s what turns a reader to take the specific publication’s side, acknowledging what the branding stands for.

However, in the real life, it’s not difficult to imagine the mind wrestling between the art director and editors. That’s how good designs come into being – keep trying, overturn it, and start again.