SND & Me

When Professor Strong mentioned that SND would be a life-changing experience, my very first thought for a few minutes was, “What is SND?” Then, I will admit, I thought, “Yeah right. How will three days at a little news design competition change my entire life?” The main thing on my mind was how I would survive this 28-hour weekend.

Now days after the conclusion of the entire SND experience, I see exactly what she was talking about. My life has been changed! This weekend at SND’s 33rd annual judging of the Best of News Design, was truly a life-changing experience. I was inspired each and everyday. The people, the papers, and the pleasure all contributed to the successful time I had at SND this weekend.

The people that I met this weekend were not how I envisioned them to be. I was expecting a serious group of individuals with very little personality. Everyone at SND was far from somber. They all were a group of people who shared the passion of news design. I was honored to be around them. They were all very nice people and were willing to talk with me about their lives, their careers, and the work they did. On the team I was a part of, there were judges from the US, England, Latin America and Oman. It was interesting to know that news design had a universal goal: Getting the right message to the right people in the right way.

The judges and facilitators, to me, represented some of the best of the best. I found myself wondering what it was like to be in some of their shoes on a daily basis. The fellowship I witnessed amongst individuals was like no other. It seemed like there was a known connection that they all had with each other. They also shared that connection with the students, understanding that we were pursuing similar careers.

Next, probably the most important part of the weekend, the papers. Without these, there would be no competition. This weekend I saw designs and layouts that I never would have imagined seeing in a newspaper. The typography, colors, images, headlines, and overall designs were simply amazing. As an “anti-newspaper” person, I was intrigued with the various styles of newspapers and how news and information could be presented. By the end of the weekend, I had a newfound interest for newspapers.

The last contributing factor to my great SND experience has to be the pleasure I felt the entire weekend. Simply put, I had a great time at SND! There was an overall exhilarating vibe that all the judges, facilitators, students, and other individuals gave off. Though it was a long weekend with a lot of physical work, it was all worth it.

Because of SND, I got to meet some awesome people, look at some of the best papers around the world, and it was all a pleasure. Thinking about making a trip back to Syracuse this time next year.

Zero Five, Out!

Publication: The Washington Post

I selected this image because I really like how the designer matched the shape of the text to the photograph. The square and rectangular shapes along with the bright yellow color automatically caught my attention. Seeing the pattern repeated for the text of the article was a nice connection. The article is easy to read and understand.

Publication: The Gazette: Montreal

I selected this image because it connections information from the story to the main image of the article in a clever way. Because the article is about popular baby names, the designer used a main photograph of a baby looking up at the names. The use of the colored type on the white background makes the names really pop out. The baby’s yellow outfit also makes the story stand out. The yellow also connects with the tag of this newspaper section.

Publication: The National

This image caught my attention because of the shape of the text under the image. This article was a review for the movie, Inception. The designer used a scene from the movie as the main image. They matched the sideways, square-like shapes from the photo with the text. I like how they only used one diamond for the text instead of many like the image portrays. This allows the design to be simple and easy to read, especially with the white space surrounding the text.

Publication: Metropoli

This is one of my favorite designs that I saw this weekend. The cover features three flavors of ice cream on a white background. I love how they incorporated the title of the publication into the overall design. The drips from the ice cream go well with all the white on the cover. The publication did a great job of catching the reader’s attention. This would make anyone pick up the publication and want to know more.

Publication: St. Petersburg Times

I liked this design because it uses typography as well as illustrations to draw the reader into the story. The design is simple yet a lot of information is portrayed. I like the vertical design of the entire layout. It makes it easy for my eye to travel from the top of the page to the bottom. Also, the text for the article is a part of the illustration. This graphic is fun and makes me want to read more.