Sports Illustrated –Color

Main Color Pallets

The main colors used in Sport Illustrated are white and blue. The color white is used as the main background color, where as blue is often used as the color for secondary elements such as section labels and rules.

But after more thorough observation, I find that for certain pages such as the content page, the color scheme is reversed, with blue being the background color and white as the color of the font.

I think the purpose of the editor to do so is to create variety and differentiate the content page from the other section fronts.

The color blue is also used for most headlines, subheads, captions, cutlines and even pull quotes. It stands out from the other elements in every issue and attracts the readers’  attention. 

In addition to white and blue, orange is also a reoccurring color in every issue of the sports illustrated. It doesn’t appear as often as the main colors, but still plays a dominant role. We can see orange in images, cutlines, subheads, names of people who said the pull quotes, and in ads. 

In some cases, orange is used as the theme color of a feature story, which turns blue and white into secondary colors.

I think it is a good and comfortable color choice. Orange and blue are complimentary colors that support each other to draw things to the readers’ attention. They are also good colors for background, as they fit the colors of most sport uniforms. And most importantly, they are light colors that convey energy, strength and movement. A wise choice for a sports magazine.