What’s Next? Tablet-inspired web design and a new print strategy

The first article that came to mind focuses on a trend on the digital side of news design: app-like design for the web. Article: http://www.niemanlab.org/2012/12/app-like-news-design-real-time-fact-checking-and-personalized-services-some-of-spark-camps-big-ideas-of-2012/ The Nieman Labs article actually covers a few big ideas from across journalism that the folks… Continue Reading


What’s Next? Responsive Design and “Business Class News”

Oliver Reichenstein: “News design is not just how news looks, its how news works” http://www.globaleditorsnetwork.org/2013/oliver-rechenstein-news-design-is-not-just-how-news-looks-it-is-how-news-works/ Many publications and websites boast of large readership numbers, but how many are truly utilizing the untapped potential of their attentive audience? According to design… Continue Reading


What’s Next – Catching Readers’ Attention with a Re-design

http://www.newsdesigns.com/newspaper-design/featured-publications/style-profile-keeping-an-eye-on-i-newspaper/ I discovered a really awesome Portuguese newspaper startup called “i” that was launched sometime in 2009. The design is absolutely beautiful – extremely eye catching, lots of color, and a really unique use of space. Here are a few… Continue Reading


What’s Next? Shorter stories and less control.

Sounds bleak. It’s natural to shudder at change, especially when change involves losing control. But the news industry is only evolving to meet the demands of modern society. In researching the state of news design, I came across a number… Continue Reading