Thank you pioneers, I got it!

Hello, GRA 500! You don’t know how hard I worked to put you on my this semester’s timetable. For you, I went to our program director’s office so many times to waive finance, to fill those confusing forms, to go to the graduate office…. Finally! It’s there! The most excited class of this semester. Even to see the class appears on the timetable could make me feel happy.


OMG, this class is tough!!

After the first day of class, I felt drowning in the ocean of design. So many definations (but inspiring), so many homework so many deadlines… I got a little bit overwhelmed. Take a breathe, slow down, crack things one by one. Here, the first task– talk about the takeaways from last year’s students.


1. Start assignments as soon as you get them.

1. Don’t wait till last minute.

1.Time management is critical when it comes to this class, so DON’T PROCRASTINATE!!!

1.You’re going to want to procrastinate. Don’t.

1.Work little by little, not all at one time.

1.Do your field notes right away.

Okay, almost everyone mentioned never procrastinate. As a professional procrastinator, I’m a little bit panic right now. I know how bad procrastinating is, put yourself in torture right before deadlines. What’s that for? But I’m still procrastinating. I wish this class will help me fix this a little bit (at least I’m writing the blog 3 hours before due!) I watched “abstract” on Netflix, in the first episode, the designer said in front of the camera: “Design is not sitting there wait it to happen, but working for it, trying, until it happens.” I need to work hard for the projects, to make drafts, to try different apporaches, to work until the moment leads to the best design. I got it!


2. Every design element on the page should have a purpose.

I considered myself as a pretty amateur graphic designer in the past. I put things together. I play around with indesign and photoshop. I make pages pleasant for eyes. But the reason why I am amateur, because I do everything by instincts, nothing serves a purpose, or simply it looks better (if it counts as a purpose).  Therefore, the first learning objective of this class is to learn how to actually design things with a certain purpose. To know how to plan things, make designs be organized. Do it intentionally!


3.Don’t settle on your first design.

Don’t ever believe the first draft is the best. You will always come up with new ideas. The better solutions are waiting for you but kinda far away from the very first beginning. Work hard, to meet the best solution of the design.


4. Office hours.

“Professor Claudia is an angel.” Yes! Professor Claudia is so helpful. Talk to someone experienced is always helpful. I am ready!  “claudiastrong.youcanbook.me”


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  1. I love your enthusiasm so much, Cara. It overflows even on the page. So glad you’re as excited to be in the course as I am to have you in it.

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