Time Magazine- Space

Format: Time is a weekly news print magazine, but its content is also available online and in tablet form. It is typically 8” x 10.75” and the average issue has about 60-70 pages. It is appropriate that Time is somewhat small and has thinner pages, since it is primarily a news magazine and is produced weekly, and thus this size/printing stock would help minimize costs. In addition, the magazine is less focused on artistry, and so it is also efficient and simplistic in this regard. The magazine is easily portable, and the lower page count suits the purpose of recapping important news for the week.

Grid: The margins on the top and bottom are 0.39 inches and the margin on the sides are 1/2 of an inch. There are usually 2-3 columns in the articles. The average width of a column, when there are 2 columns on the page, is 3 inches. The average width of a column, when there are 3 on the page, is 2 inches. There are also variations with a one-page article that has 3 columns, with each measuring about 1 and 1/4 inches. The width of the gutters is 1/4 of an inch.

Content Organization: The magazine starts off with a conversation section and then delves into the 4 main sections: briefing, commentary, features, and the culture.


Layout and white space: In the briefing section, each story is 1-2 pages and focuses on a certain topic such as “Nation” or “Finance”. The commentary section is also similarly short. On the other hand, the features stories run from 6-8 pages. The culture stories, which largely focus on entertainment and pop culture, including books and movies, are about 1-2 pages.