To Look or Not to Look

Before Newhouse I knew absolutely nothing about design. I was a newbie through and through. I still consider myself a young grasshopper with a lot to learn. But, thanks to the advice from the students from last year, there’s hope for me yet. Here’s to a hard yet empowering semester!

Trial and Error is Key

One thing that stood out to me from the advice was that one student said to not look at my classmates and compare myself to them but, to acknowledge that everyone has a different skill set. The project is about me and my ideas coming to life.

Another student mentioned in their post that it’s good to look at my classmates, watch how they solve problems, and use that as a way to gain inspiration.

Embrace Your Inner Picasso

I also learned to draw out your ideas, even if it’s a stick figure. I must put my ideas to paper. It’s the first step to seeming my creativity come into fruition.

I love the transparency. I can use trial and error to find creative inspiration and I intend on testing out all the methods for myself.

*inserts happy dance*


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  1. Glad to have you in the course, Sarai, and looking forward to watching you grow. πŸ™‚

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