Today’s Zaman Conclusion


My conclusion of Today’s Zaman is really something I’ve been coming to all year long. Their design is really not my taste, and from what we’ve learned in this class, I feel is truly not good taste at all.

Oftentimes I feel that Today’s Zaman is in conflict with itself. I think that oftentimes it is trying to be a more modern paper than it is, and at other times it is trying to be a more traditional paper than it is, and I think this idea is often shown through in their design.

Their color use (cool colors except for their signature red), their typeface choices (modern accents, dated basics), their image choice (same pose over and over again), their graphic furniture (boxes and rules), their layout (a strict grid and a sidebar as the most exciting thing on the page), very rarely lend itself to visual interest.

As a newspaper they are doing just fine; they are getting their content out to their reader. They are’t, however, breaking any barriers or pushing any boundaries in news design. They are sticking to what works and that’s absolutely acceptable, just know that you really aren’t turning to Today’s Zaman for much inspiration.