Typography: The KC Star

The KC Star loves using sans serif fonts for particularly big stories and to juxtapose serif font immediately follow it. It’s an interesting tactic that gives the paper a unique feel. It’s used in the section heads as well, and the dateline for every story is in a bold, sans serif font. The body copy uses a very basic serif font, keeping up with the Star’s newsy style.

I like the tactics used with article bylines and picture cutlines. The sleeker looking font is a change from the one used underneath in the body copy, and not as bold as the dense summary printed above. The gradual change from a bold headline, to a solid bold paragraph, to the less bold cutline, to normal body is a pattern that drives the reader into the every story.

A blue font immediately followed by a black font is used sometimes to provide a sentence above feature headlines to describe the article. This use of color is dangerous, because if could give a news publication a “comic book” feel if done incorrectly, but The KC Star’s infrequent use of it works well. It adds a unique style to each feature, designating it as a big story.

The sidebars routinely use the bold sans serif font. It gives these blurbs a more modern feel, the sleeker style of a website.

The size of the font is consistent throughout, with bigger headlines followed by equally sized summary and body copy. Larger font is used to headline hammer heads for features or huge stories. With many of it’s decisions, the Star tries to get bold news out there quickly and easy to read, and deciding to write features and big stories in this fashion enforces that characteristic.