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1) This article on Wired talks about the history of newspapers online. It discusses some differences between the early use of the internet for news in the 1980s (you paid more for access, there were no ads and people weren’t inclined to view the news online) and now (you pay a lower price, there’s ads and most people read their news online). The article also has a video clip about newspapers and the internet in 1981. I think it’s important to look back on the differences because you can see how much the newspaper industry has changed. Now that people are increasingly turning to the internet for the news and many print organizations are losing sales, it’s becoming more important to learn how to design for the internet instead of for print.


2) This article on Business Insider discusses the “dim future” of the newspaper industry. It discusses the changes that have taken place in the industry, mainly that magazines have tightened their focus, moving from broad-range interest magazines to specialty magazines, which are successful because they target a niche audience interested in reading more on the specific topic of the magazine. Newspapers, however, are not adopting this approach and have narrowly defined their industry to just newspapers. The biggest problem newspapers face is their lack of connect with what the readership wants and needs. I think if newspapers became more specialized, they could survive. If newspapers specialize, this would have an impact on how newspapers are designed because they would need to be tailored to their niche audience.




MEDIA BISTRO: The design of this site is innovative because of its simplicity. It uses simple colors: red, grey and white. The site is also not afraid of white space as there is an abundance of blank spaces throughout the page. The typeface of the logo and slogan is a modern san serif, which adds to the modernity of the website. Media Bistro isn’t overly cluttered with design elements. Instead they utilize a few elements, for example lines and a photo slideshow, to create order on the website and create a visually interesting experience. http://www.mediabistro.com/


Gazzetta del Sud


GAZZETTA DEL SUD: This design is innovative because of its simple use of colors (mostly red and white) and use of photos in an alternating pattern from one column of text to the next. The website also uses a modern serif for the logo with “online” overlapping the logo. Gazzetta Del Sud also puts the date above the logo, not afraid to put elements above the paper’s name. The website uses its space efficiently while still allowing for white space. http://www.gazzettadelsud.it/?refresh_ce


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