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The fate of the newspaper: Exclusive interview with Jacek Utko

In this article, newspaper designer, Jacek Utko, discusses the future of newspapers. His main points focus on the Internet taking over and making newspapers obsolete. Utko harps on good design helping to reconnect readers to this print medium. He explains how design is important in providing a “entry point to text.” The content is as important as the way it is presented.

An expansive definition of design

This article focuses on the definition and the evolution of news design. The author, former president of the Society for News Design, Matt Mansfield, explains that journalists define design in relation to their organizations and works. He sees design as more than just lives as journalists, but the information that is being designed. He also says news design is evolving because of new technology and new tools, as well as new audiences.

News Pages –

Puls Biznesu (Business Pulse)

This Polish news page is innovative because at first glance it resembles a magazine cover. The use of one main image along with the text and white space presents a clean front cover. The title of the newspaper in the red box against the white background makes it stand out. It draws the reader into the cover story, as well as the newspaper as a whole.

The Hartford Courant

This cover presents the stories in a neat, orderly manner. The presentation of the main story in the middle is very appealing. The pink color against the plain white background makes it stand out. The use of the graphic at the bottom of the newspaper also draws in the reader. The use of the various shapes makes the design interesting. This cover is innovative because it doesn’t resemble the average newspaper design.