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It feels like I’m always hearing about how readers don’t want long stories anymore because their attention spans are shrinking. But that’s not true everywhere. This article explores how India is a culture of readers. Indian newspaper readers even complain when their papers have too many images and not enough text. The article reminded me to think about other cultures when I consider the future of news design. The trends I see in America won’t necessarily determine the fate of newspapers or news design.

The second section of this article discussed a lot of information relevant to news design, but I found the section about breaking news accuracy particularly interesting. Despite the pressure to break news as fast as possible, journalists (including designers) must be diligent in verifying information.

News Pages

The Portugese newspaper “I” targets a young audience.

I's front page

The use of illustration instead of photography and the fresh color scheme caught my attention.

I's target audience

This page comes from Politken, a Copenhagen newspaper.

The white space in this layout is unusual and interesting.