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An expansive definition of design

I loved this post on the Society for News Design website. It’s a great source of inspiration for us who are getting started and beginning to learn about design. In any type of design, these tips and reflections will surely become handy to produce creative and innovative pieces that really reach our audiences. It has a good insight to where we should be aiming for.

In House Beautiful, a New Look for Digital Watermarks

Literally speaking, this post from the New York Time’s Media Decoder blog is not strictly related to news design or the news business. However, it introduces a new method that I believe is continuously growing and affecting how content is presented: QR codes. But not in the way we’ve all known them – black and white weird little squares. This time the codes are designed to look good and to blend in with the publication’s style. I think this change might bolster the use of these codes and provide readers and publications more options to present and consume information.

Like Mansfield said on the article below: “Perhaps more importantly, we might just see outside the journalism industry and find design that works in ways that can be adapted for what we do, maybe even improved on. Maybe we could even disrupt a business or two.”

Innovative news pages:

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Friday, January 20, 2012

I think this page from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle is innovative because instead of just writing “Kodak files bankruptcy” in big bold letter, and starting the article right away, they took the outline of the Kodak tower in Rochester – and filled it with intriguing quotes and information about what the reader will find inside the paper.

Being a local newspaper I think they did an excellent job to capture their audience’s attention by using quotes like “Rochester wouldn’t seem Rochester without Kodak.” Also, I believe the overall design of this page would at least make any news consumer stop to see what it is about if not grab the paper and read more, which is the ultimate goal.

Belleville News Democrat - Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another local newspaper that played their cards right in my opinion is the Belleville News Democrat with yesterday’s cover. I think using the shape of Illinois makes it very appealing to the eye and the bold words “Will anyone fix this mess?” help to intrigue further more a potential reader to grab a copy.

I’d like to see how it looks on print format because the whitespace around the red shape of the state makes me a little bit uncomfortable; it might be because I’m seeing it in my computer. Still, I think the idea is innovative.

– Veronica Magan


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  1. Who knew Belleville had that in them? I think the illustration is pretty smart.

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