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Current Trends/Future of newspapers

url: http://mashable.com/2010/10/19/ipad-newspaper-savior/

According to this article, many regard iPad as the device that will save the newspaper industry; hence, newspapers are trying to adapt to new technology. However, the writer Amy-Mae Elliott from Mashable and some others in the industry remain uncertain whether this revolution of newspaper iPad apps will last long.

url: http://www.ronreason.com/personal/redesign.html

Various newspapers come up with a new design every so often. Ron Reason (newspaper designer) discusses and provides answers to some common questions regarding Newspaper Redesign.

Innovative News Design examples

Libération (French newspaper) : Sports page – January 28, 2011

The images have a sense of action in them through creative photo arrangements. In addition, the colors red and blue are consistent throughout the page.

Wyoming Tribune Eagle (US newspaper) : Front Page – January 29, 2011

It shows an innovative and effective use of colors – red, yellow, blue and white are consistent throughout the page.