WIRED Field Notes: Images

Wired Magazine likes to use large photography on most of its spreads, often very close to full-bleed. A lot of these spreads will either have a full-bleed image with a block of text in some open space on the photo, or there will be a column of text if necessary for the size of the story or headline. If there is not a photo bleeding across a page, there is still typically a large image  present in the design, and it is usually accompanied by illustrations or smaller photos.

All of the images are very colorful and have high contrast. They look really sharp on the pages and the illustrations help keep the pages looking consistent from one to another. With a magazine like this, the content is so varied and I think that the high-contrast photos, the illustrations and the furniture do a wonderful job of tying the magazine together from story to story.

The magazine does a great job of using a variety of photos. The use a lot of medium shots but for many of the longer articles, they include wide and tight shots of what the article is talking about. It might be of the space, of the person in the space, or the object that is being discussed.