Wired Magazine (Tablet) Space

Format: Wired is a monthly tablet and print magazine with an online website updated daily. The page count is 90 but varies for the tablet version based on the scroll through features. The physical dimensions are 678 px for a vertical tablet and 1024 px for horizontal tablet. The interface not only has gorgeous graphic design but strays away from normal standards by using different formatting on articles for diversity and geometric elements in a clean way to create a high class tech feeling.image[1]

Grid: The margin size of both the vertical and horizontal are the same, 55 px on the top + right and 48 px on the bottom + left


Content/organization: Standard items in the magazine include Feature articles at the beginning, Start as a second section, Test, then Play. Each section has a range of content except for Test which remains to be a section dedicated to innovation. This magazine, while targeted at the tech lover is not for the tech expert since it keeps a wide range of human interest articles and focuses less on diving deeply into IT specifics.

Layout and white space: The index and table of contents are visually the best part of the magazine. The issue features 9 stories total and follows a range of layouts. Below please see the story design.