Wired Magazine (Tablet) Type & Language


Wired mainly uses Ambroise for tall elegant headlines, Brandon Text for body copy in lists and bolded for headlines inScreen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.19.24 AM lists, FF Oxide for the opening words of an article as well as basic information such as date and year at the top of an article, Tungsten and Apex Rounded in info graphics and Exchange for body copy. Since their redesign in 2013, they have added a round but square typeface as a subheadline to Ambroise.

By using a variety of styles, the publication has a unique feel. Steven Coles from Fonts in Use says, “I am all for the unexpected, and don’t want to fuel stereotypes, but when I look at these pages I can’t help but think they belong in the lifestyle, fashion and woman’s sections of the newsstand. I wonder: Is Wired trying to broaden its readership? Does this represent an even more fundamental shift in the brand? Or is this simply a standard magazine refresh?” My view is the diverse choice of type and “lifestyle” feel makes an inviting feeling. Ambroise has a classy feeling while FF Oxide feels more robotic or machine. The combination of the content and design makes the reader feel cultured.

photo 1photo 3photo 4The type guidelines are always left aligned. The type feels unexplored even though it is consistent though out the interface. The over all feeling is percieved as innovative and fresh.




The types of words are smart and concise. The wording is simple but are used in a way that make the reader think. The headlines are short using only three or four words, the subhead can be up to five words. The headlines are large and sometimes a drop cap or pull quote is used to start the article but not used in the body of the article (see images). The wide left margin is used for a related stories section or for images or captions and other times left as whitespace. Captions are mphoto 5ore used on top of photos but rarely used to explain photos. Since this magazine is in tablet form, a “+ button” indicates more content. Bylines and credit lines are in their own section or different colored box to completely separate them from the content. Section titles are creative calling them Alpha, Ultra, Infoporn and Gadget Lab. The general style is quick and clean.