Wired Type

Wired’s look is bold, colorful, and pops from newsstands. Most of this has to do with the typefaces that the publication uses. Hoefler and Frere-Jones designed two of the main typefaces used in Wired, Vitesse and Forza. Both of these are used throughout the magazine.

Vitesse – a slab serif font

Forza – square sans serif created just for Wired

The cover uses a combination of sizes of bold, sans serif fonts. Their logo uses a combination of black and white space with the same type to create a bold look.

I found that when Wired has two stories on the same page, or a story with a side bar, they use two different types for the body copy. In the top story, a serif type is used and is followed by sans serif in the sidebar. The questions in the top story is the same type used in the bottom side bar.

Vitesse is used as the dek under the bold sans serif headline. Most headlines throughout the publication were larger than the deks, but not in all cases. Some where the same size.

Many of the bylines and cutlines used the same type. I believe this is a version of Forza.

I think that the use of two main typefaces throughout the publication add to Wired’s clean and neat feel but yet give it a futuristic look.