Wisdom From The Last Generation: Lessons To Start Out Strong

There is something so inspiring and uplifting about hearing advice and encouragement from former students. Often I can feel refreshed and ready for the new semester, assuming I’m going to feel more prepared each week and finally get this time-management thing down. From notes on drinking coffee and having back up caffeine, to working on field notes and assignments the day they’re assigned, these are reminders from those who also have those habits to stay on course and invest in this course consistently.

Whether in the last graphics course I took in bootcamp or with various multimedia projects, I tend to feel defeated at times when my vision isn’t developing the way I had hoped or if I can’t fix an issue and take too long to create. I know I’m not the only one and that’s when asking Professor Strong for help and watching more videos helps. Oh, and practice. It is up to me to work on my skills to be better prepared for class so  I don’t spend too much time figuring out InDesign but that I can talk through ideas with Professor Strong and classmates. I read from a few students to not be intimidated by experimenting or thinking your idea is weird or whacky. Creativity can be stifled if we over-think our ideas or worry about the opinions of others. We all will benefit from sketching, throwing around ideas, asking questions, and through seeing ideas develop and re-worked.

Professor Strong and a former student encourage us to sketch and take notes. I appreciate input and suggestions so taking notes while hearing from our professor and classmates will ensure we don’t forget a suggestion. Something that seems so simple may help not only broaden our view but it also may take us in a direction that we wouldn’t have seen or considered otherwise. I think journaling or making notes throughout our sketches will help us thrive creatively and also see how we grow as students, designers, and as individuals working with a team.

As we head into the second week, already I see how there is so much we can be brainstorming about and testing ideas on. I appreciate the input people shared about my publication idea and I enjoy hearing about everyone’s project. We all bring such diverse skills and experiences to the table and having the support and encouragement from Professor Strong and each student will only make our work richer. I truly look forward to learning from each one of you and seeing what your projects develop into.

Former students mentioned sketching before designing and since I tend to get stuck when I focus too much on the visions in my head, I know drawing and making notes will help me be productive and not waste time with no organization. The lessons posted definitely touched on this. Also, design can look cool and capture people’s attention but one student reminded me of how we shouldn’t lose sight of the story. Every pica of space and even the placement of a letter or photo affects the overall design and what is communicated. Being intentional is crucial and reading that reminded me to not take time for granted, or the sketches and designs that I work on. We are all story-tellers and it’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to create something that may move someone. I have been inspired, encouraged, and even comforted by designs. We never know how our work may impact someone, and if we spend the time and don’t let doubt deter us, we may create something that brings a story to life in a way that resonates with someone even greater.

I’m looking forward to the inspiring, humbling, and creative days ahead!