Words: The KC Star

Most headlines are straightforward in The KC Star, usually between 2 – 8 words in a brief sentence. Hammers are used in bold font, and are mostly seen on section fronts. After these grab your attention, a longer summary is written in bold before every article, giving the reader a clear preview of the news, or something to read if there’s only time for a glance. These deck heads are used for every story. The jump of many articles tripods like “UNIONS: Labor says proposals go too far.” The first word is bold, giving you a way to immediately remember what the article was about if you started on the front page and forgot some information concerning the story on your way to it. The continuation lines also tell you to visit that story by using the first word in the jump’s headline, simplifying the search.

Pull quotes are never used in The KC Star, or not since I have been keeping up with them. The paper has many large pictures and colorful visuals around their hard news, so it’s possible they felt pull quotes would be excessive.

Cutlines are usually one sentence long, but printed in bold and stacked under the picture. They don’t add much new information about the story, and mostly describe the action in the picture.

The bylines are credit lines are straightforward, sticking to the newsy feel featured in the newspaper’s articles. They simply say the reporter’s name, followed by the newspaper/media organization directly below it. Columnists get their bylines printed above a picture of themselves, sticking to a common newspaper practice. Promos and reefers do the same, with straightforward summaries and descriptions

The newspaper does mix it up a little and have unique names for many of its departments. The sports section called Sports Daily, arts and entertainment is FYI, and the news comes in a Nation Watch and a World Watch. It’s a slight variation from simply printing the name of the subject matter, but it’s not a big enough step to take the dignified feel of a traditional newspaper away from the Star.