You Only Live Once (book by Lonely Planet) – Furniture

In You Only Live Once, there are many sophisticated furniture used to determine which section the reader is on. The design is simple yet clever. The layout and the furniture used is consistent throughout the book

Each section is defined by An Hour, A Day, A Week, A Month and A Year. It is on the right bottom of every right page. Beside the section name, there will be a illustration, but the illustration is not just a simple one that used throughout that section. For example, the hourglass on the first few pages, the sand is on the top, but the end of the chapter, the sand are on the bottom. Same for every section, shown in the photo below.

If it weren’t for this exercise, I wouldn’t have notice the playful gimmick it actually has for these tiny illustrations. They are very considerate, it adds more charm and sophistication to the book.


Typical story starts with a bold black heading , leave a wide space then have a yellow line before the dek. The article also starts with bold letters for the first several words. This clearly defines the hierarchy and makes it easy for readers to follow.


After the main story, there will be a thick dark green line and follow by 4 recommended places under the same topic. The yellow color circle with white numbers in the middle and yellow line to separate each one. I really like this approach, it’s easy to read and follow, the color is also bright and give a fun sense.

For short stories like the one below, the format is simple , short and sharp caption in bold letters with small paragraph and smaller text explaining or supporting the photo.

The page numbers are always on the left page of the book, at the center in the bottom.


Overall, i really like their furniture, and love the creative use of the section names with their illustrations. I think it has become my favorite element of this book.

Tanya Monthakarntivong